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Wanted: Rock & Roll location!

When U.S.-based Taylor Guitars decided to capture the European market, it needed a suitable head office. “Founders/owners Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug had a clear list of the requirements the location had to meet,” said Dave Kentie, Europe Operations Manager. “Taylor Guitars is Rock & Roll! So it was also extremely important that we were located in Amsterdam, a place with a sexy image.”



That the price per square meter was a few euros more to be in a park outside the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area was something the management was willing to accept. “We see it as part of the advertising campaign,” said Dave. “Besides, this park has a beautiful green appearance and we like that there is park management that ensures that the quality remains high.”

“Of course it was important that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the high-speed train lines were easily and quickly accessible; after all, we are an international company. It’s handy for us because Taylor Guitars does a lot in terms of exchanging knowledge and skills between employees as well as with the sales people across Europe who sell our guitars.”

The office at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp serves mainly as a distribution center and training facility, serving some 200 distributors across Europe and training sales reps from around the world.

Source: Schiphol Area Development Corporation (SADC) 2012

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