Top-tier Internet infrastructure with personalized support

ServInt, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, provides web-presence hosting, internet infrastructure, and computer resources to small- and medium-sized businesses. Started in 1995, the company offers quality servers and support to thousands of customers in over 60 countries.

After an exhaustive search, ServInt located its first European data center in the Netherlands. “In selecting a site for this center, we initially looked at 14 possible European cities with acceptable data center partners,” said ServInt’s President Christian Dawson. We narrowed this number by half based on available connectivity.”

“When visiting facilities in these seven cities, we also looked at expansion opportunities, environmental and operational factors, availability of qualified personnel, and tax burdens,” Dawson added. “Based on these considerations, our optimum locations narrowed further to three, including Amsterdam.” Favorable legislative regulation in the Netherlands ultimately tipped the decision to Amsterdam.

In short, ServInt has built a loyal, global customer base by offering a wide range of scalable web hosting solutions supported by personal service from experienced professionals. ServInt’s new data center in Amsterdam will continue to enhance that tradition.

August 2012

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