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PrismTech Group

Celebrating six years of strong growth in the Netherlands

Northeast England-based PrismTech Group is a global software products company providing software to companies wanting to purchase communications software.

“PrismTech Group serves Fortune 500 clients in more than 50 countries around the world. Around six years ago, we were developing a new product and needed a particular skill that was only available in Hengelo, the Netherlands,” explained PrismTech Chief Executive Officer, Keith Steele. “The original team of six people, which has more than doubled in Hengelo is now one of our three main development centres (the others are in the UK and Canada).”

“The Netherlands was not our first foray into Europe as we already had offices in France and Germany,” continued Hans van’t Hag, a product manager at PrismTech. “Hengelo is a great place to work. The region has a good university and several high tech companies. That makes it interesting.”

“We certainly get to recruit very good people who are loyal and committed,” said Steele. “I would absolutely recommend it as a business location. We have experience of setting up in a number of countries, and I would say the Netherlands is straightforward and more business friendly than most. It is obviously an advanced economy and very similar to doing business in the UK.”

“The NFIA and the East Netherlands Investment Agency (OOST NV) have been extremely helpful,” concluded van’t Hag. “They’ve given practical help for finding offices and with the legal and financial processes. They’ve also opened up new opportunities as we’ve expanded.”

December 2012

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