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NNR Global Logistics

NNR: a springboard to Europe and the rest of the world

NNR Global Logistics was established in 1948 and offers customers across the globe a complete range of services and solutions in the areas of transportation and logistics. In October 2010, NNR Global Logistics opened a warehouse and new offices in the Netherlands, replacing its office staffed by two employees, in order to reinforce its European presence.

“From the very beginning, the support we received from the Dutch Embassy in London and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) accelerated and simplified the entire location process,” said Chris Coombe, Managing Director of NNR Global Logistics Netherlands BV. “The information from them was always neutral and objective. We were able to make informed decisions without being influenced one way or the other.”

Choosing a location in the Netherlands was relatively simple. “In view of what NNR does, we wanted to be located near an airport or a harbor. It is simpler to organize seaborne freight from a location near an airport than vice versa, a location in the Schiphol area was the obvious choice. We eventually settled on Fokker Logistics Park, where we have access to excellent and secure facilities.”

“There is no other European country that possesses an infrastructure comparable to that of the Netherlands, and as such, can truly function as a gateway to Europe,” Coombe added.

There are currently 19 people active at the branch in Oude Meer. There are plans for expansion, both in the number of employees as well as in the number of locations in the Netherlands.

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