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Loveurope is one of Europe’s largest advertising production networks with headquarters in London and a network of studios across the world. It supports the print, digital and broadcast marketing campaigns for some the world’s biggest brands including JPMorgan, Coca-Cola, Dior, Intel, HP and Gucci. Leading agencies such as McCann Erickson and JWT also benefit from Loveurope’s expertise in translating, envisioning and implementing marketing campaigns across the world.

“We opened our studio in Amsterdam in April 2011 and it supports marketing campaigns worldwide. Setting up a business in the Netherlands is a very straightforward process. Everyone speaks English and tend to be hard working and professional. We use the same systems and software across all our offices, so our teams can work effectively wherever their desk happens to be. Since Amsterdam is only about 45 minutes from London, I can visit a couple of times a month very easily,” said Steve Cronan, Manager of Loveurope’s Overseas Studio Services.

Cronan has wide experience of establishing overseas operations and says that he has found the Netherlands one of the easiest places to do business. “I called the Embassy to explain our plans and I was put through to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and they were brilliant,” he explained. “We felt that we could ask any questions we wanted. NFIA gave us some pointers on lawyers and financial accountants and did much of the work for us, including setting up a bank account. It was a very seamless process assisted by the NFIA and Amsterdam inbusiness.”

August 2011

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