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Ohio-based Kalypso, the world’s premier innovation consulting firm, has grown quickly since its inception in 2004 into a global company with a technical center in Monterrey, Mexico and European headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




During the site search, the typical reasons pertaining to “ideal location” or “proximity to markets” did not apply for Kalypso, whose innovative business model enables all work to be performed virtually. “One benefit we saw in creating our EHQ in the Netherlands was its favorable tax rule,” said George Young, Founding Partner of Kalypso. “We liked the idea of being located in a country that promotes and encourages the hiring of highly skilled resources outside of the Netherlands, i.e. the 30 percent ruling. In addition, people in the Netherlands are accustomed to working in international environments, which aligns well with our virtual business model.”

Another important factor in its location decision was the open-minded Dutch mentality, which supports doing business on a global level. Part of that support involves taking advantage of the Dutch legal system, which permits the company to extend its virtual entity as it expands throughout Europe.

“We see substantial potential for growth in Europe, and now that Kalypso Europe and Kalypso U.S. have merged, we can more easily tap into that potential,” said Niels Ebbing, Principal of Kalypso Europe. “Our three-year plan for Europe includes expanding the number of employees and locations.”

September 2013

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