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Ebury started out in 2009 as a London broker helping SMEs with foreign exchange. Since then they have enjoyed impressive growth and now have 300 people in offices across Europe.

Ebury helps more than 3,500 companies manage currency risk and strategically plan their overseas payments. By adding trade finance to their services, they have become a specialist for SMEs who trade internationally.

Rob Adrichem opened Ebury’s Amsterdam sales office in May 2014 because he saw the potential of the many import/export businesses in the Netherlands. “We are already working with around 300 companies,” explained Adrichem. “There are around 35,000 potential clients for us in the Netherlands, however, many Dutch importers and exporters are not used to dealing with a financial service provider other than their bank. We especially cater to SMEs, a segment that rarely gets competitive rates and personal service from their banks. The response is very positive, so we are excited about the growth potential of the Dutch market.”

Adrichem feels it is essential to have a team in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam was the logical choice for a company that values being close to its clients. “Ebury focuses on SMEs. Tailored products and personal service are key elements of our strategy. Our currency and trade finance specialists need to be able to meet clients face-to-face and Amsterdam is a great hub for both international trade and finance.”

Being in Amsterdam — close to their clients — is obviously working as Adrichem expects his 23-strong Dutch team to grow to around 40 within the next year. “We’re enjoying working with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and local partner amsterdam inbusiness (aib),” concluded Adrichem. “They’re pro-active and we’ve made many useful contacts at NFIA and Amsterdam networking events.” Ebury is now looking to use this experience of setting up in Amsterdam as a model for their expansion across Europe to countries including Poland, France, Germany and Ireland.

April 2015

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