Bosch Transmission Technology


Bosch Transmission Technology

Bosch and Brabant: both a cradle and a breeding ground for transmission technology

Tilburg-based Bosch Transmission Technology is the very cradle of continuously variable transmissions (CVT), with the company leading the market globally for pushbelts for automatic transmissions in cars. The Bosch Transmission Technology CVT concept has been the international standard for automatic transmissions in the automotive industry for years and over 300 models from a wide range of marques are fitted with this Brabant-designed CVT technology. “Aside from Europe, demand for our product has been growing in Asia and the U.S. in particular,” said Coen Rooijmans, Senior Vice President at Bosch Transmission Technology.



In Tilburg, within the province of Brabant, Bosch Transmission Technology staff are continuously working on new CVT developments. “We have taken on a pioneering role, which is why our funding of research and development is so considerable,” said Rooijmans. “Of the over 1,300 people working here, almost 10 percent spend their time on product improvement and innovations. Evermore high-tech systems are being created and we supply the knowledge and components for them.”

Along with the growth that Bosch Transmission Technology is experiencing, the company’s foundation in Brabant is becoming ever stronger. “We have everything here that our business requires: a network of leading high-tech companies, a strong automotive industry, well-trained engineers who are also internationally oriented and a variety of universities with which we work closely. In addition, Brabant has excellent infrastructure and we are close to international ports and airports. There is a good reason why Bosch Transmission Technology and Brabant have grown together,” said Rooijmans.

March 2013

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