‘Choosing Amsterdam was a no-brainer for us'

Anomaly was founded in New York in 2004. Since that time, the organization has enjoyed unremitted growth, now boasting branches in London, Amsterdam, Toronto and Shanghai. Anomaly is not an ad agency; nor is it a PR, marketing or media agency. Hazelle Klønhammer, President & Partner at Anomaly Amsterdam, explained: “It’s difficult to define what kind of company Anomaly is. Our name gives you the clue: we’re an anomaly and we do things differently than others in our industry.”

When Anomaly decided where to open its third overseas branch in 2011, Amsterdam’s international character, enormous creative talent pool, close-knit creative community and excellent infrastructure stood out.

“Given the innovative nature of our business model, Amsterdam was a perfect match in every way. The eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities in this city makes it a world-class hub of creative talent, and that’s essential for a company like ours,” said Klønhammer.

The NFIA was involved from the outset in setting up Anomaly’s Dutch branch, including introducing the Anomaly New York team to Amsterdam’s creative community. “The support that the NFIA and Amsterdam in business (aib) offered was invaluable when we were setting up our Dutch branch,” said Klønhammer. “The NFIA is unbelievably well organized. The support they are able to provide to foreign companies setting up Dutch branches is truly invaluable. What’s more, is they have the right attitude: right from the get-go, their staff gives you that reassuring feeling that you can totally trust them. We have a lot to thank the NFIA for.”

November 2013

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