Advantech and Brabant: partnering for ‘Smart city & IOT solutions'

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a global leader as a developer and manufacturer of computer platforms, embedded systems and automation products. The company opened its office in Eindhoven’s Science Park in 1999 in order to provide suitable services and support directly in Europe. What once started off as a modest service center for Advantech in Eindhoven, has now grown to become its European headquarters. Today, Advantech ranks among the top Taiwanese global brands.

“Our mission is to deliver connected, managed and secured solutions to make life, living and working smarter with our partners from different industries,” said Chaney Ho, Acting General Manager of Advantech Europe. “We call it ‘Partnering for Smart City & IoT Solutions’, and when it comes to the European market, Brabant has proved to be the perfect seed-bed. Establishing our European headquarters in the Eindhoven region has allowed us to come one step closer to achieving that mission.”

Advantech’s European headquarters houses a workforce of more than 70, including a sales team, customized DTOS and a quality control and logistics division. With the cultural diversity that Eindhoven exhibits, it has become easy for Advantech to access multilingual professionals and the employees enjoy working in an international working environment.

The relationships Advantech maintains with the Eindhoven municipality and BOM Foreign Investments are the very model of the healthy economic ties between Brabant and Taiwan.

May 2014

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