Cool Offices: The Dutch “Work Perk”

It’s no secret that Holland is home to “the original cool,” but did you know that the title extends to Dutch offices as well? In fact, there are a few offices in the Netherlands that we think Inc.’s recent “World’s Coolest Offices,” list may have missed:

Google (Amsterdam)

Google Amsterdam Office

Photo: Fast Company

Google’s Amsterdam office was inspired by the garage where founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company. Completed just last year by interior design company D/DOCK, the quirky office space sports graffiti walls and cardboard box lights. With Stroopwafel ceiling panels, gingerbread wall covering and Delft Blue graphics, the office carries a Dutch theme throughout. The “feel-good” atmosphere is also complemented by a meditation room and desk bikes that encourage employees to stay in shape, both physically and mentally.

Nike (Hilversum)

Nike Hilversum Office

Photo: heds

Nike’s European headquarters in Hilversum keeps to the company’s mission “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Nike employees can stay fit by using the office’s basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, indoor gymnasium, weight room, aerobic and yoga facilities and running track. The facility is also eco-friendly and sustainable—boasting Europe’s largest rainwater collection system, which collects an annual harvest of more than one million gallons of rainwater from the campus’ roofs to use in plumbing systems in landscape irrigation.

Microsoft (Amsterdam)

Microsoft Amsterdam Office

Photo: Gary Turnbull

Microsoft’s Amsterdam office adds excitement to the work environment by practicing “hot desking,” where employees aren’t assigned to a specific desk. To foster collaboration even further, the office has a variety of work areas designed for interaction, including benches, open informal meeting areas and work lounges. Plus, a coffee shop, relaxation zones and sleep pods are just a few of the perks Microsoft Amsterdam employees enjoy.

Fluor (Amsterdam)

Fluor Amsterdam Office

Photo: Business Wire

Texas-based global engineering and construction company, Fluor Corporation, opened its Amsterdam office just last year. The interior of the office building uses open space and outside light to encourage team collaboration and productivity. Executives of Fluor’s Amsterdam operations say the objective was to create an office experience that feels like business, while being transparent, interactive and enjoyable. Exemplifying Amsterdam’s position as an international city, the firm’s office has more than 40 nationalities represented among its professionals.

Heinz (Zeist)

Heinz Zeist Office

Photo: Pier Paolo Mucelli

Heinz’s Zeist office is a feast for the eyes. The centerpiece of the office is the Wall 57, a mixed media wall highlighting the company’s history and future in an Andy Warhol-reminiscent design. The building, interconnected by a three-story open lobby with a large main circular staircase, offers employees a café, restaurant and open-plan workspace.

Deloitte (Amsterdam)

Deloitte Amsterdam Office

Photo: Ronald Tilleman

It’s no surprise that “the smartest building in the world” happens to be in the Netherlands. Deloitte’s Amsterdam headquarters, dubbed “The Edge,” utilizes a smartphone app developed by Deloitte, which can check your schedule, alter the light and temperature in any room, and even direct your car to an available parking spot. The Edge also holds the title of “the world’s most sustainable office building”—while the building is a large 430,000 square feet, it actually produces more energy than it uses thanks to a solar panel-covered south facade.

To see more photos of offices in the Netherlands, in addition to testimonials from executives, visit our success stories page.

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